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TRUE NORTH is a leader in Right-of-Way Surveying, Right-of-Way Determination, Right-of-Way GPS Control and Right-of-Way Plans and will be a proven asset on your future Government funded Road Right-of-Way Project.

PASSION combined with our extensive Transportation and Right-of-Way experience, our expert knowledge in Right-of-Way determination, our top of the line Robotic Total Station, GPS/RTK Surveying Systems, and our High Definition Scanners, Aerial Mapping and Airborne LiDAR services set us apart for the others.

VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS – TRUE NORTH is a certified small business and is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).

RAPID RESPONSE – One of the most valuable things TRUE NORTH can provide our clients is our rapid response in emergency situations. Our team can meet with the client within a few hours notice.

TRUE NORTH Surveying & Mapping

SUB-CONSULTANTS – TRUE NORTH has a strong team of sub-consultants that specialize in certain tasks, which may be required on a transportation project.  These services include: Construction staking, Aerial mapping, LiDAR airborne mapping, High Definition scanning, underground utility locates, potholing/boreholing, mining claims, wetlands and land title documents.

PAST PROJECTS – TRUE NORTH has successfully completed many miles of right of way determination, set multiple Aerial Mapping Panel Points, along with performing the following tasks: Section Breakdowns, Ownership Information, Utilities, Potholes, Legal Descriptions, Exhibits and Contour Mapping. The following is a partial list of projects completed since 2008.

  • Douglas County Public Works – 20+ Capital Improvement Projects
  • City of Colorado Springs – 20+ Capital Improvement Projects
  • El Paso County Dept. Transportation – 2 Corridor Projects
  • City and County of Broomfield – 15+ Capital Improvement Project

Clients Since 2008

  • Douglas County Public Works
  • City of Colorado Springs
  • El Paso County Dept. Transportation
  • City and County of Broomfield

For more detailed information, please contact us at Info@TRUENORTHsurvey.com

TRUE NORTH Surveying & Mapping

TRUE NORTH Surveying & Mapping, LLC is a
VOSB and is licensed to practice
Land Surveying in Colorado, Arizona,
Idaho, Kansas and Utah